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Damn, it’s about time!

by Andy on Apr.30, 2010, under General

Yea, it has been quite some time since the opening of this blog, but life gets busy from time to time..

Time is an interesting concept either way! You always happen to have far to much of it, while having no idea what to do. On the other hand, it’s always short if a deadline comes close. That’s probably not a scientific discovery, but just the result of my bad planning. Either way, time is a very interesting topic we rarely think about, yet it surrounds us ‘all the time’.

The first question that jumps into my mind when thinking about the universe is ‘when did it start?’. What a nasty question! If we consider time being part of our universe (and why shouldn’t we consider that) the question includes ‘when did time start?’. And that’s where the trouble starts! To define a certain point in time (that’s what ‘when did time start?’ should return) we require something to measure it. A clock like in the lower right of your desktop won’t do, as our clocks count time distances from a certain start. We could try to do that backwards.. so lets t_start be the first moment in history, aka the first moment our universe did ever had. Then t_kickoff would be the moment where time started.. the moment before the first moment.. wait a minute!

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