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by Andy on Dec.17, 2009, under Site Status

If you are reading this, you just strumbeled over another blog. As blogs are not that rare nower days, that’s probably not the daily achievement to make you remember this day in decades. The Gateway is just my little place to tell the world whats going on in the wicked brain of mine. Feel welcome to share some time with me!

So, what are we going to talk here about? That’s a good question, and basically, I don’t even know yet. Probably everything that seems to be interresting from the field of science, especially astronomy, but also gaming, game development and game project organization, art and rendering, along with other interessting bits here and there about coding and similar stuff. Yep, the braindump is ment literally.

I think that’s all for today. Let’s see where The Gateway will lead us.

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